Jim Gibbs, 
     Candidate  for Cannon
     County Sheriff

     Phone 615-765-7470
     Fax      615-765-5506
     Pager  615-217-5359

 Emergency  9-1-1

     I would evaluate Emergency  9-1-1 communication procedures and policy to assure the highest level of emergency response with the shortest response time possible. Assure proactive involvement with all emergency agencies using the  9-1-1 system with intent to improve the system and address inter-agency concerns.

1. Create a Uniform E 9-1-1 Map Book for all emergency 9-1-1 responders to better communicate directions to emergency units responding in Cannon County.

2. Establish an excellent relationship with the E 9-1-1 Board to best utilize all resources available to the county for emergency dispatching.

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