Administration Objectives
For the Cannon County Sheriff's Department

By Jim Gibbs,  Candidate for Cannon County Sheriff

1.  With a positive but firm administrative approach, and with unequivocal professionalism, take control of the existing organization and stabilize the department. Restore pride and integrity to the Cannon County Sheriff's Department. Work toward restoring the confidence of the people in the primary law enforcement agency in the county.

1. Adopt a code of ethics.

2. Adopt a "Canons of Police Ethics".

3. Require an oath of office and oath of honor.

4. Establish a "Fraternization Policy" to stop unnecessary embarrassment to the county.

4. Require ethics training as a condition of employment

5. Established a sheriff's advisory panel of citizens and elected officials.

2.  Initiate the concept of community policing inviting participation from community members in each voting district.

1. Recruit and train a formal reserve organization that would cross train in other emergency services such as fire fighting, search and rescue and emergency first aid.

2. Organize a cadet program in the form of a Law Enforcement Explorer Post associated with the Boy Scouts of America to promote law enforcement training to the youth of Cannon County.

3. Organize a volunteer Sheriff's Mounted Posse for search and rescue, event crowd control, and public relations such as representing the county in parades and events.

3. Implement strict jail policy and procedures to stem the tide of lawsuits against the county and restore confidence in our jail by the Department of Corrections.

1. Establish an Inmate Code of Discipline to create equal treatment of all prisoners, and avoid lawsuits against the county.

2. Utilize inmate labor to clean the county roadsides and to improve the jail facilities.

3. Use inmate labor to implement a county street sign restoration program for public safety.

4. Require correction officers to have continued education as a condition of employment

4.  Evaluate Emergency  9-1-1 communication procedures and policy to assure the highest level of emergency response with the shortest response time possible. Assure proactive involvement with all emergency agencies using the  9-1-1 system with intent to improve the system and address inter-agency concerns.

1. Create a Uniform E 9-1-1 Map Book for all emergency 9-1-1 responders to better communicate directions to emergency units responding in Cannon County.

2. Establish an excellent relationship with the E 9-1-1 Board to best utilize all resources available to the county for emergency dispatching.

5. Initiate a drug interdiction program with specially trained deputies and K-9 partners patrolling Highway 70S to intercept and seize drugs and contraband being transported through Cannon County.

1. Specifically target drug traffic between the eastern counties and the more populated Rutherford and Davidson Counties with the intent to augment the sheriff's budget from the sale of forfeited assets such as vehicles and contraband money.

2. Participate and cooperate with other agencies in the marijuana eradication program and other task force law enforcement efforts.

3. Aggressively prosecute for attempted assault, marijuana growers that endanger innocent lives with booby-trapped fields.

4. Seek out and destroy clandestine drug labs and aggressively prosecute those that endanger the population with such labs.

5. Enforce a zero tolerance toward the sale and manufacture of drugs and strive to educate children and young adults not to use drugs.

6.  Through the community-policing concept, develop a sheriff's patrol that is in touch with the community and more responsive and able to protect citizens from crime against property such as burglary, theft and vandalism.

7. Enforce a zero tolerance toward domestic violence and violence against seniors. Rigorously work to resolve complaints of violent acts and protect all citizens from all threats and acts of violence.

8. Develop a team of investigators to follow up on criminal investigations and development cases with and for the District Attorney General's office.

9.  Develop a cooperative relationship with parents, the schools and the juvenile court to assist in diverting as many juveniles as possible from the system through conflict resolution.

1. Create a Scholastic Crime Stoppers program in all schools to foster a cooperative attitude between youth and the law enforcement effort.

10.  Actively pursue grants, benevolent funds, and volunteers to offset the cost of law enforcement, crime prevention, communication and detention. Whenever possible take advantage of surplus federal equipment and vehicles for sheriff's department use.

11.  Establish a public relation program that would invite the media to openly report the progress of the department and to advise and warn the community of potential problems in law enforcement.

1. Create a weekly local radio program allowing open dialog with citizens of the county that would allow suggestions and concerns to be discussed.

2. Put a stop to the rumor mills, back biting and other negative factors that prevent the community from coming together as cohesive crime fighting and public safety team.


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