From: Sergeant Matt Bider 

May this letter serve as a recommendation for James Gibbs.

Mr. Gibbs has been a police officer under my direct supervision since his assignment to the patrol division within the Rock Springs Police Department. 

During that time Gibbs has displayed characteristics of a truly professional police officer who is well trained and in total control of himself. 

Gibbs has come to Rock Springs during times which finds the police department under great stress from allegations made against the former administration and officers. Gibbs has handled this stressful situation well and has been an asset to restoring the image of unemotional professionalism to the Rock Springs Police Department. 

Gibbs has had difficulty finding adequate housing for his family in Rock Springs which has been experiencing unprecedented growth in population. Because of this Gibbs has chosen to leave Rock Springs and return to Reno Nevada where he owns a home. 

The loss of officer Gibbs is truly a loss to all the people of Rock Springs. 

Sergeant Matt Bider,
Rock Springs Police Department


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