rom: Lieutenant Lawrence C. Dennison

Over the past several years I have had the pleasure of being associated with Mr. Gibbs in both an academic, personal and professional relationship. Mr. Gibbs provided me with instruction at the university level for one semester and during that time I found that he was most capable as an instructor, and that he was able to instill a desire to learn among his students.

As a subordinate Jim is willing to take direction and to accept constructive comments concerning his work product to the benefit of both himself and his supervisor. 

As a supervisor, he is able to give direction in a manner which provides the employee with a desire to accomplish the assigned task at an optimum level. 

Jim tends to be a rather innovative and aggressive individual. He is willing to make effective decisions based upon available information and to stand behind those decision. 


Lt. Lawrence C. Dennison
Detective Division
Reno Police Department


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