From: Lieutenant Robert Overy 

I am pleased to offer this letter of recommendation in behalf of James H. Gibbs who is a police officer for the City of Rock Springs. 

Jim Gibbs joined the Rock Springs Police Department December 10th, 1979 and was immediately assigned to vice and narcotics working solo and without supervision. 

As a result of Jim's investigation several successful prosecutions have been completed and an establishment which gained notoriety by the CBS television network will undoubtedly be closed. 

Jim's success in such a short period of time can be contributed to the thoroughness of his completed assignments and his willingness to work unarmed and without identification as a police officer. 

Jim was transferred to patrol division following his being identified as a police officer. He has functioned outstandingly as a patrolman as evidenced by a commendation already placed in his file. 

My personal and professional opinion of Jim Gibbs was recently corroborated by an evaluation of him by a professional assessment center which tested him for the positions of sergeant and lieutenant. Jim scored well and would be looking forward to promotion in the near future. 

I regret seeing this fine officer leave our police department, and highly recommend him to any police administrator. 

Robert Overy,Lieutenant
Rock Springs Police Department


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