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Voters aren’t buying the excuses anymore - Bidenomics is clearly a failure. 

Polls show Americans reject President Biden’s handling of the economy, and it’s not hard to see why. By just about any metric, people are worse off today than they were when Mr. Biden took office. Survey after survey shows voters voicing their dissatisfaction, but the Biden administration remains defiant.

In November 2023, The New York Times released a poll finding that former President Donald Trump is thoroughly beating Mr. Biden, including in key swing states. According to the poll, if the next presidential election were held today, Mr. Trump would win with over 300 electoral votes.

This is not an outlier, with many other major polls showing Mr. Trump commanding a significant lead over Mr. Biden on the economy. A CBS poll showed an 8-point swing in favor of Mr. Trump compared with the 2020 election. Once again, the deciding factor for many people is the economy.

The question is, why are voters so down on the economy if the Biden administration is constantly touting its economic record? The simple answer: Facts are stubborn things.

Under Mr. Biden, people are demonstrably worse off, and the Biden administration’s own figures on inflation, jobs and falling household incomes prove it. Yet instead of acknowledging reality, the administration makes excuses while its media sycophants try and fail to gaslight Americans.

But the excuses, flukes and one-offs can last only so long before voters stop buying them and get angry.

That’s what polls are showing: People are feeling the pain of “Bidenomics,” of the government spending, borrowing and printing too much money.

Since Mr. Biden took office, real earnings have plummeted as prices outpace wages: Inflation-adjusted weekly earnings are down about 5% since he took office. The drop in real earnings has piled on the sharp increase in borrowing costs over the last couple of years.

These two effects have cost the typical American family the equivalent of almost $7,400 in lost annual income. That’s more than a month’s pay for the median household. It’s even worse if you’re trying to buy a home today. The monthly mortgage payment on a median-price home has more than doubled under Mr. Biden and will cost a family an extra $13,000 every year for the same house.

At this point, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta has estimated that homes are affordable in just five major metropolitan areas in the country, while rents are equally unaffordable.

Facing a cost-of-living crisis, it’s no wonder Americans are drowning in over $1 trillion of credit card debt as they struggle to make it from paycheck to paycheck, taking on multiple jobs at the highest level on record.

With such a gloomy backdrop, of course, people have soured on Bidenomics. With real earnings having fallen behind inflation for 27 of the last 31 months, voters have had enough.

This is feeding into the swing states, where the economy is the single most important issue. Nationwide, 83% of voters say the economy is “very important” in deciding their 2024 presidential vote.

Bloomberg asked swing voters whom they trust to handle the economy, and the results were a solid endorsement of Mr. Trump, who led by 10 points in Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, by 15 points in Arizona and North Carolina, and by 20 points in Georgia.

Voters are rejecting the government takeover of their lives, the confiscation of their earnings, and the inflation and debt that come with it. Mr. Biden’s handlers have shown little willingness to fix things, instead relying on the media to spin and cover for them.

Voters aren’t buying the excuses anymore. Bidenomics is clearly a failure.

Doing My Part to Assure Our Freedom

Jim Gibbs, Washoe County/City of Reno Precinct 4023 Captain

by Jim Gibbs

I volunteered to serve as the 4023 Precinct Captain because as a former law enforcement officer, I am concerned that if we do not aggressively take control of our Country, we are destined to lose our democracy as we know it.

I need the help of Precinct Block Captains. I have divided Precinct 4023 into 13 small neighborhoods (such as the 700 block of W. Golden Valley Rd) where the Block Captain can easily give their Republican neighbors information and encouragement. I will provide a list of names, addresses and phone numbers to the Block Captains.

Also, when we meet for the Caucus on February 8th, consider being the Chair Person for the Precinct meeting or Secretary for the Precinct meeting, and serving on the Washoe County GOP Central Committee. We also need County GOP Convention Delegates to cast the votes made by Precinct 4023 Republican Voters at County Convention. We will also elect Alternates for those Convention Delegates.

What day is the Caucus? Thursday, February 8, 2024. Check-in starts at 5:00 PM. The meetings will generally start by 6:00 PM, and should be over by about 7:30 PM. The meeting agenda will include the election of the Precinct 4023 officers and delegates. We will:
  ● Elect a chair person for the Precinct meeting
  ● Elect a secretary for the Precinct meeting
  ● Elect Central Committee Members
  ● Elect County GOP Convention Delegates
  ● Elect County Convention Alternates

If You Can Help - Please Contact Jim Gibbs

Jim Gibbs Contact Information:
Phone: 775-200-0578
Fax: 888-496-0270



My Fellow Republicans,

A caucus is much like a precinct meeting in that it is a gathering of people in a given precinct that meet to discuss politics, nominate people to the Central Committee and elect delegates to the County Convention. The caucus is the part of the meeting that pertains to the selection of a person to become President. The caucus will decide which of the candidates will receive what portion of the 26 delegates from Nevada to the Republican National Convention in July. It is at the National Convention that the Republican candidate for President will be decided. Each person at the caucus will receive a ballot to select which candidate they would like to become President. At the conclusion of voting, the ballots will be counted in full view of the participants, placed in an envelope with the results marked on the outside of the envelope which will then be sealed with security tape. All envelopes will be turned in to the Site Coordinator for that precinct location.

Pretty simple, right? But what about those people that do not want to participate in the meeting? They just want to cast their ballot and leave. There will be provisions made for just that eventuality. It is entirely possible for anybody to simply show up, cast their ballot and leave. As of this writing, the military personnel that are deployed outside their county are being contacted and given instructions as to how they can participate by absentee ballot.

I would like to clear up some confusion about how the caucus differs from the state-run Presidential Preference Primary (PPP). The PPP will involve the universal mail-in ballot system with all the associated problems. Ballots will be mailed out weeks in advance of the February 6th election date and will continue to be received for days afterwards. The counting of those ballots will also involve days if not weeks and you will not know the results until well after the 6th. Additionally, any candidate that participates in the PPP will not be eligible to receive any delegates to the National Convention which essentially makes the PPP meaningless. For those that maintain that having the caucus just two days after the PPP is going to cause confusion, I again remind you that we will not have the results of the PPP for days afterwards.

If you want your voice as to who is going to be our next President to have any meaning, you must participate in the caucus. The caucus will decide which candidates will receive delegates at the Republican National Convention. Can you vote in the PPP and the caucus? Yes, you can. Keep in mind that there will be no delegates awarded for the PPP but you are free to fill out the mail-in ballot and send it in. After all, YOU paid for it!


Bruce Parks

Washoe County Republican Party