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The Confusion Caused by the Primary

A caucus is much like a precinct meeting in that it is a gathering of people in a given precinct that meet to discuss politics, nominate people to the Central Committee and elect delegates to the County Convention. The caucus is the part of the meeting that pertains to the selection of a person to become President.
The caucus will decide which of the candidates will receive what portion of the 26 delegates from Nevada to the Republican National Convention in July. It is at the National Convention that the Republican candidate for President will be decided.
Each person at the caucus will receive a ballot to select which candidate they would like to become President.
At the conclusion of voting, the ballots will be counted in full view of the participants, placed in an envelope with the results marked on the outside of the envelope which will then be sealed with security tape. All envelopes will be turned in to the Site Coordinator for that precinct location.


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Haley Loses Nevada Primary — Without An Opponent
The Precinct 4023 Presidential Primary Election WILL NOT Determine the GOP Choice

Vote or Caucus at O'Brien Middle Scool February 8, 2025 - 5 p.m. to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD


The Presidential Preference Primary (PPP). The Primary will involve the universal mail-in ballot system with all the associated problems. Ballots will be mailed out weeks in advance of the February 6th election date and will continue to be received for days afterwards. The counting of those ballots will also involve days if not weeks and you will not know the results until well after the 6th. Additionally, any candidate that participates in the Primary will not be eligible to receive any delegates to the National Convention which essentially makes the State Primary meaningless. For those that maintain that having the caucus just two days after the PPP is going to cause confusion, I again remind you that we will not have the results of the Primary for days afterwards.

If you want your voice as to who is going to be our next President to have any meaning, you must participate in the caucus. The caucus will decide which candidates will receive delegates at the Republican National Convention. Can you vote in the Primary and the caucus? Yes, you can. Keep in mind that there will be no delegates awarded for the Primary but you are free to fill out the mail-in ballot and send it in. After all, YOU paid for it!