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Getting to the Caucus

A caucus is much like a precinct meeting in that it is a gathering of people in a given precinct that meet to discuss politics, nominate people to the Central Committee and elect delegates to the County Convention. The caucus is the part of the meeting that pertains to the selection of a person to become President.

The caucus will decide which of the candidates will receive what portion of the 26 delegates from Nevada to the Republican National Convention in July. It is at the National Convention that the Republican candidate for President will be decided.

Each person at the caucus will receive a ballot to select which candidate they would like to become President. You may cast your ballot privately and leave.

At the conclusion of voting, the ballots will be counted in full view of the participants, placed in an envelope with the results marked on the outside of the envelope which will then be sealed with security tape. All envelopes will be turned in to the Site Coordinator for that precinct location.

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WCRP Central Committee Application

WCRPCC Volunteer Application

Precinct 4023 Caucus @ O'Brien Middle School

Vote or Caucus at O'Brien Middle Scool February 8, 2025 - 5 p.m.


Sample ballots are arriving in the mail for Nevada’s presidential preference primary.

That’s causing confusion among some voters who are wondering why Donald Trump isn’t on their sample ballot. Here’s why. Democrats will vote for a candidate during the primary on Feb. 6. The winner will get Nevada’s Democrat delegates. The state will also hold a Republican primary that day. But the state Republican Party says anyone who participates in that GOP primary won’t be eligible for any delegates. Those delegates will be awarded during the Republican Party’s separate party-run caucus on Feb. 8.

Former President Trump is registered for the caucus along with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, businessman Vivek Ramaswamy, Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie,(Christie has withdrawn) North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum and businessman and pastor Ryan Binkley. The candidate list was released by the Nevada Republican Party on Oct. 17.

“All serious candidates are participating in the First in the West Caucus, as it is the only contest under party rules that allows candidates to earn delegates to the Republican National Convention,” according to a party statement.

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is among the candidates who have chosen to compete in the primary — even though they won’t get delegates if they win.

The winner of the caucus will be the Nevada Republican nominee.

Adding to the confusion is Trump’s battle with Colorado and Maine officials over those states' move to exclude him from the primary ballot.